Texas Instruments CC-40 won't boot

Adam Sampson ats at offog.org
Sun May 3 13:49:00 CDT 2015

Chris Osborn <fozztexx at fozztexx.com> writes:

> ... List_of_Computers_With_BASIC_in_ROM

The Sinclair ZX80 and Sinclair QL.

The Oric 1 and Oric Atmos.

The Dragon 32 and Dragon 64.

The Ohio Scientific Superboard II and Compukit UK101.

The Elektronica BK-0010 and variants. (There are also dozens of
Soviet-era Spectrum clones that used Sinclair BASIC...)

The Multitech MPF-1B -- especially cute because it does BASIC on a set
of 7-segment displays. (Multitech are now Acer, and Flite Electronics
apparently still sell the MPF-1/1B.)

I assume you're limiting this to "classic" computers, and not modern
devices like the Maximite...


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