TD Systems TDL-11 QBUS (SCSI?) card

Seth Morabito lists at
Sat May 2 21:17:32 CDT 2015

Hi folks,

I was recently given a load of QBUS stuff, and among the cards is a TD
Systems TDL-11. I can't find a scrap of information about it anywhere.

I have reason to believe it's a SCSI controller that emulates RL01
drives, based on its similarity to the TDL-12, which is documented
online here:

Since I can't find a manual for it, I have absolutely no idea how to
set its jumpers or activate its diagnostic monitor (if there even is
one). Just to see if it would work, I tried following the instructions
to get into the TDL-12's monitor, but they don't work on the TDL-11.

Has anyone seen this card in the wild, or can anyone point me at
a manual for it?

A poor photo of my card is here, for reference (200K):

Best Wishes,


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