Computers_With_BASIC_in_ROM / was Re: Texas Instruments CC-40 won't boot

tony duell ard at
Sun May 3 10:47:12 CDT 2015

[BASIC on ROM modules, supplied as standard with the machine]

> It’s not loaded in the same way as cassette or disk based software, but it *is* considered external software. It 
> doesn’t matter what media the external software is stored on.

That is _your_ definition, I believe.  I would not class such a module as 'external software' since it was (a) included
with the machine and (b) appears in the main memory map, it is not copied into RAM.

I would be interested to hear whether you consider the HP9831 to have 'BASIC in ROM'. It is on a module,
always supplied with the machine, the machine does nothing without it. and nothing else was ever supported
in place of said module. In other words, to be an HP9831 that module has to be present.

> > Incidentally, are you including handheld computers: HP71B, HP75C, HP75D, Sharp PC1211, PC1500 (and more), 
> > Casio (dozens of models)?
> They aren’t being excluded, just no-one has added them, perhaps because they can’t decide if they are 
> “calculators” or “computers”.

OK, so you are accepting those.


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