Computers_With_BASIC_in_ROM / was Re: Texas Instruments CC-40 won't boot

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sun May 3 10:38:17 CDT 2015

On 03/05/2015 16:27, Chris Osborn wrote:

> It is different because it’s essentially external software that has
> to be loaded into the computer.

Not on a Sorcerer, really.  It's part of the main memory map, and is 
there as soon as it's switched on; it's not somehow "loaded" (the way 
ROM packs are on, say, a BBC Micro) - though you can load other things.

> In many cases where the BASIC software was not on ROM it has been
> separated from the computer long ago.

I've never seen a Sorcerer that has lost its BASIC, though I've seen 
many that have additional ROM PACs.


Pete Turnbull

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