Burroughs B1900 for sale in North Carolina

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun May 3 07:03:09 CDT 2015

So I'm not sure what we've got, here. The machine seems to have only one
memory board in it, so, just for grins, I decided to look at the online docs
on the 1900, and see if it needed memory boards in pairs.

The doc described the model 1905 and the model 1955 - both of which have a
"diagnostic/maintainence control panel", with lights and switches, which this
machine doesn't have. Although that may not mean that much - people started
getting rid of them because they cost too much, so maybe this is a later
model, without them.

They also have a cutout in the top panel for a large keyboard (see pictures
online of these model) which again this machine doesn't have (the cutout,
that is)... It does seem to have one less CPU card than one of the models
(forget which one) in the online manuals (CPU cards only go from A-H on this
unit, not A-J), and no, there isn't a missing CPU card, i) the slots are
numbered, and ii) there's no empty slot.

I looked all over it for a model/serial number placard, which would give the
model, but NSFL, couldn't find one. :-( It does have a large red placard
panel on the front which says 1900, so I'm pretty sure it's _some_ flavour of
Burroughs 1900, but... Anyone have any idea what this thing might be, exactly?


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