Burroughs B1900 for sale in North Carolina

Evan Linwood evan.linwood at eastek.com.au
Fri May 1 23:55:05 CDT 2015

Hi all,
I just wanted to say a very big (huge!) thanks here on the list to Noel
Chiappa for his help/work picking up the B1900 system yesterday.

It would have been highly challenging to get the machine together for
shipment without Noel's help, and would have had to happen in a rush with
things either being missed and/or left behind out of necessity etc (plus
communication issues, packaging - the list goes on).

Having a very experienced person like Noel to help has been too good to be

(In fact the whole thing is bit incredible after seeing the loss of the
B7800 frame over here in Aus just recently).

There are numerous questions to be answered (hopefully over time with list
member's help!), but this msg is to say thanks very much firstly for Noel's
efforts with the pickup.

- Evan Linwood

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    > On 4/14/15 2:07 AM, Nigel Williams wrote:

    >> I hope someone is able to rescue this system

For those who were interested in this thing's fate, I just picked it up, and
it's sitting safely in my garage, waiting for the new owner to arrange

It's in really good shape inside (unlike my rodent 11/34's :-), and the
cards look like they are all there. (If anyone's particularly interested in
this machine, email me - _not the list_! - and I'll send you a copy of my
detailed report to the new owner on its condition.)

    > From: Al Kossow

    > There are a couple of obvious things missing, like the cold-start
    > cassette 

Actually, there _is_ one of those there, still in the casette drive. Not
sure how good a shape it's in after this long (or the casette drive, for
that matter), but...

    > and any disk drives.

Oddly enough, the seller did have two Burroughs packs (4 platter, I think).
Not sure if they are from this machine, or what's on them - or how one would
ever find a drive to read them on!

    > dumps of the tapes would be a good thing

Alas, the tapes appear to be un-connected to the machine.


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