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> Hello everybody,
> Santa brought me two fine pieces of HP measurement equipment (o.k., I
> had to order and pay for them up front...) and I'm now looking for
> documentation on those.
> 1: HP 8016A Word Generator
> (http://www.decadecounter.com/vta/articleview.php?item=35). This
> basically is a 256 bit memory with control logic and drivers that can
> be configured to spit out its front panel programmed contents through
> 1, 2, 4 or 8 outputs (with a respective word length of 256, 128, 64
> or 32 bits). Trigger can be applied externally or via pushbutton, bit
> clock (up to 50 MC) can be internally generated or externally
> connected. Output levels can be set to TTL or ECL with adjustable
> offset,  RZ or NRZ operation selected. Each output is also available
> negated on a separate connector, four channels have separately
> adjustable delays. The real surprise with this one was that it came
> with the IEEE-488 (HP-IB) data load option installed. I have found
> datasheets and the User section of the manual (Chapter 1-3) here, but
> this contains neither the HPIB instruction set (which I'd like to
> have anyway) nor the schematic and service instructions (in case I
> should need them - couldn't try the device out yet because I'll have
> to replace a broken IEC receptacle first).
> 2: HP 11835A Serial Data Buffer
> (http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=665). Contains two banks
> of 64k x 16 bit parallel-input, serial-output data RAM, 128k x 16 bit
> control RAM feeding the frame control state machine, and 64k x 8 bit
> frequency RAM driving a parallel control output. Originally intended
> to provide continuous serial data streams at up to 4 MHz and control
> a frequency agile synthesizer (HP 8662A) for testing mobile
> communication devices; mine was in use at a Nokia R&D facility in
> Oulu, Finland, according to a sticker. This unit is usually
> controlled and fed with data from a microcomputer (HP 9000 Series 300
> or Vectra series) through a HP 82306 GPIO interface, which I don't
> have. Found no documentation except for a four-page data sheet with a
> simplified block diagram
> (https://www.valuetronics.com/Manuals/HP_11835A.PDF) yet and would
> need at least the specification for the GPIO connector and its
> protocol to get anything working, plus preferably said interface card
> plus documentation and/or driver software.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

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