HP equipment, call for documentation

Arno Kletzander Arno_1983 at gmx.de
Sun Dec 28 09:18:57 CST 2014

Hello everybody,

Santa brought me two fine pieces of HP measurement equipment (o.k., I had to order and pay for them up front...) and I'm now looking for documentation on those.

1: HP 8016A Word Generator (http://www.decadecounter.com/vta/articleview.php?item=35). This basically is a 256 bit memory with control logic and drivers that can be configured to spit out its front panel programmed contents through 1, 2, 4 or 8 outputs (with a respective word length of 256, 128, 64 or 32 bits). Trigger can be applied externally or via pushbutton, bit clock (up to 50 MC) can be internally generated or externally connected. Output levels can be set to TTL or ECL with adjustable offset,  RZ or NRZ operation selected. Each output is also available negated on a separate connector, four channels have separately adjustable delays. The real surprise with this one was that it came with the IEEE-488 (HP-IB) data load option installed. I have found datasheets and the User section of the manual (Chapter 1-3) here, but this contains neither the HPIB instruction set (which I'd like to have anyway) nor the schematic and service instructions (in case I should need them - couldn't try the device out yet because I'll have to replace a broken IEC receptacle first).

2: HP 11835A Serial Data Buffer (http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=665). Contains two banks of 64k x 16 bit parallel-input, serial-output data RAM, 128k x 16 bit control RAM feeding the frame control state machine, and 64k x 8 bit frequency RAM driving a parallel control output. Originally intended to provide continuous serial data streams at up to 4 MHz and control a frequency agile synthesizer (HP 8662A) for testing mobile communication devices; mine was in use at a Nokia R&D facility in Oulu, Finland, according to a sticker. This unit is usually controlled and fed with data from a microcomputer (HP 9000 Series 300 or Vectra series) through a HP 82306 GPIO interface, which I don't have. Found no documentation except for a four-page data sheet with a simplified block diagram (https://www.valuetronics.com/Manuals/HP_11835A.PDF) yet and would need at least the specification for the GPIO connector and its protocol to get anything working, plus preferably said interface card plus documentation and/or driver software.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

Yours sincerly,
Arno Kletzander

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