Italians around?

Simon Claessen simski at
Sun Dec 28 04:29:16 CST 2014

well, about 8 documents. the first one, " is nearly finished but there 
remains a rather big one: "P101 Descrizione Tecnico Funzionale 
r.1.0.pdf" with explenations about the workings of the electronical 
calculator. unfortunately, i've locked myself out of the hack42 wiki at 
the moment, so that has to wait until i'm home again from my little trip 
later today.


On 27-12-14 20:12, Jarratt RMA wrote:
> I can help too, perhaps if there is a lot of material you could spread it
> across a few people. Is there a lot of material?
> Regards
> Rob
> On 27 December 2014 at 17:58, Gabriele Banorri <gabriele.banorri at>
> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> On 12/26/2014 11:38 PM, Simon Claessen wrote:
>>> Our machine seems to have intermitted problems and I think they are
>>> caused by bad contacts in the backplane, but to be shure, a good schematic
>>> and explanation of the workings is a tremendous help.
>>> Is there someone able to take a look at the originals and my rudimentary
>>> translation and suggest improvements?
>> My knowledge of electronics is quite basic, but I can surely take a look
>> at your translation - I'd be glad to help restoring that lovely piece of
>> gear :)
>> Kind regards,
>>    Gabriele

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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