DEC printsets on line

Sean Caron scaron at
Mon Dec 22 21:03:48 CST 2014

Dropbox is just another cloud storage provider, you can sign up for free
and you get some number of gigs to start with... you can pay more for extra
space but the default allocation is fairly generous. There's a client for
most OS platforms that will allow you to mount the DropBox share and have
it look like local storage... probably WebDAV or something. Just go to and you can set up an account. Some of the folks that I
support at U-M use it for casual data transfers. It's been around for a
while now.

If you wanted to have the spreadsheet up as like a group-edit kind of
thing, maybe better to use Google Docs?



On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 9:46 PM, steve shumaker <shumaker at> wrote:

> Jack
> How did you set up the dropbox?   cost?   size limits?
> I'm looking at posting a large spreadsheet for the list to use and am
> looking at options
> Steve
> On 12/22/2014 12:23 AM, Jack Rubin wrote:
>> I've digitized several early PDP-8 related printsets and placed them
>> online in a public Dropbox folder. Circumstances did not allow direct
>> scanning of the documents - they were photographed and then post-processed
>> to produce .pdf files. Conditions were less than optimal and the resultant
>> files are quite large but hopefully these files will be of use to those who
>> need them.
>> The files are:
>> 779 Power Supply
>> 832 Power Controller
>> PDP-8/I Printset
>> DM01 Printset
>> KW8I Printset
>> TC01 Printset
>> TU55 Printset
>> The files are located at:
>> Best,
>> Jack

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