DEC printsets on line

steve shumaker shumaker at
Mon Dec 22 20:46:35 CST 2014


How did you set up the dropbox?   cost?   size limits?

I'm looking at posting a large spreadsheet for the list to use and am 
looking at options


On 12/22/2014 12:23 AM, Jack Rubin wrote:
> I've digitized several early PDP-8 related printsets and placed them online in a public Dropbox folder. Circumstances did not allow direct scanning of the documents - they were photographed and then post-processed to produce .pdf files. Conditions were less than optimal and the resultant files are quite large but hopefully these files will be of use to those who need them.
> The files are:
> 779 Power Supply
> 832 Power Controller
> PDP-8/I Printset
> DM01 Printset
> KW8I Printset
> TC01 Printset
> TU55 Printset
> The files are located at:
> Best,
> Jack

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