Wanted: Sharp LM64C032 LCD panel

Tothwolf tothwolf at concentric.net
Sun Dec 14 16:47:10 CST 2014

I'm looking for a Sharp LM64C032 LCD (640x480, 16 color) as a replacement 
for a Compaq Contura 3/25C (25MHz 386). I saw a few far-east sellers on 
eBay with used displays, but they want over $100 for them which doesn't 
seem too economical for a machine with a value of around $50 or so. Does 
anyone happen to have one of these LCDs sitting around in their junk pile?

I recently pulled the machine from storage and was thinking of using it to 
run my old parallel port interface EPROM programmer, but I can't do much 
with it with a broken display. The sad part is I actually installed this 
particular LCD for the original owner back in the early '90s, but 
apparently it got broken sometime before he gave me the machine. (The 
original panel failed electronically, and it is too bad I didn't keep it 
back then since I could have scavenged it for parts now.)

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