1964 Honeywell EDP Sales Presentation - H-200 / H-300 / H-800 Info

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Sun Dec 14 11:02:17 CST 2014

Reading it now. That's pretty neat; just to see what the whole quoting and
sales pitch thing looked like back then. It's much more informal today!



On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 11:49 AM, B Degnan <billdeg at buzz1.com> wrote:

> May 1st, 1964 the Honeywell Electronic Data Processing Division Bala-Cynwyd
> office sales team led by Stephen S. Berry (Sales Representative) and H.L.
> Sweatt (Branch Sales Mgr) submitted their proposal to DuPont Company to
> upgrade the Treasurer's Department computer system. DuPont had been running
> an IBM 1401 system but they were looking to upgrade. Initial discussions
> between the two companies appear to have been about the H-200 computer.
> After assessing the needs of the Treasurer's Department, Honeywell is shown
> to suggest that DuPont instead acquire a system comprising of combination
> of H-800/1800, H-300, and components. For reference Honeywell also included
> info about the H-200.
> This proposal contains pricing and system configuration. It also contains a
> comparison between the IBM 1401 and the Honeywell B-200.  A nice set of
> one-page product sheets about the H-200 line are included.  This is an
> excellent historic reference because it puts the systems in context, from
> the Honeywell perspective.
> PDF Set:  http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=589
> Not sure where on BitSavers.org one would put this set as it covers
> multiple systems as well as a compare contrast with IBM 1401.
> -Bill

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