1964 Honeywell EDP Sales Presentation - H-200 / H-300 / H-800 Info

B Degnan billdeg at buzz1.com
Sun Dec 14 10:49:54 CST 2014

May 1st, 1964 the Honeywell Electronic Data Processing Division Bala-Cynwyd 
office sales team led by Stephen S. Berry (Sales Representative) and H.L. 
Sweatt (Branch Sales Mgr) submitted their proposal to DuPont Company to 
upgrade the Treasurer's Department computer system. DuPont had been running 
an IBM 1401 system but they were looking to upgrade. Initial discussions 
between the two companies appear to have been about the H-200 computer. 
After assessing the needs of the Treasurer's Department, Honeywell is shown 
to suggest that DuPont instead acquire a system comprising of combination 
of H-800/1800, H-300, and components. For reference Honeywell also included 
info about the H-200. 

This proposal contains pricing and system configuration. It also contains a 
comparison between the IBM 1401 and the Honeywell B-200.  A nice set of 
one-page product sheets about the H-200 line are included.  This is an 
excellent historic reference because it puts the systems in context, from 
the Honeywell perspective.          

PDF Set:  http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=589 

Not sure where on BitSavers.org one would put this set as it covers 
multiple systems as well as a compare contrast with IBM 1401. 


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