Anyone have a spare Apple IIgs power supply?

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Thu Dec 11 21:23:47 CST 2014

    And I just need the power supply enclosure. I'd rather use a new ATX 
power supply than use the old apple clunker...

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Subject: Anyone have a spare Apple IIgs power supply?

> If anyone happens to have a spare Apple IIgs power supply that they'd
> be willing to sell for lower than eBay prices, I could really use one.
> On eBay, the power supply often sells for more than the whole
> computer.
> I will replace the failed capacitor in the power supply that I have,
> but unfortunately when it smoked and burst, it got smelly resinous
> crap all over the PCB, other components, and the inside of the power
> supply case, so I'd prefer to put in another power supply than
> constantly fill the house with fumes from this one.
> Thanks!
> Eric 

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