Looking for WWENG2.SYS for DECserver 900TM

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 5 12:50:35 CST 2014

> Does anyone know how to extract one of these from the flash card?
> I've got a 900TM booting from flash with version 2.4 WWENG2.SYS on the
> but I can't figure out how to copy it off the card for another 900TM.
> I obtained a second 900TM that didn't have a card included. I won a
> Melcard 2MB F·E²PROM MEMORY Card MF82M1-77DAT01" on e-bay, which is
> identical to what DEC provided, and successfully booted and loaded
> version 2.2, which I believe is the 1646592 byte version supervinx also
> My 900TM with 2.4 works better than the other one booting 2.2. If anyone
> any info on reading WWENG2.SYS 2.4 off my working unit, please let me

I tried looking for one of these cards on Ebay in the UK and drew a blank. I
tried a few alternative searches too, but still got nowhere. Is there
anything else I could look for that would do the same thing? If so, how do
you get the software onto the card?



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