Weekly Classic Computer Trivia Question (20141205)

Doug Ingraham dpi at dustyoldcomputers.com
Fri Dec 5 10:59:59 CST 2014

I have had my PDP-8 (no letter) since around 1985.  As part of the deal I
got a little over 200 DECtapes.  Most of these are SCOTCH 3M branded in
cardboard boxes and not DEC branded DECtapes in the clear blue plastic
containers.  I have been thinking about moving this data to a permanent
storage location so I wondered how much space this would require.   Turns
out to be about 57 million bytes and that would be without bothering to do
any compression.

The trivia question is:

Approximately how many DECtapes will fit on a single one terabyte drive?

As there are several possible answers to this feel free to reply on the
list.  I will give my answer in a few days.

Doug Ingraham

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