22-bit ECO for REV11 [AKA TEV11] (M9400)

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Dec 5 10:58:20 CST 2014

    > Does anyone know if an ECO exists to convert a REV11 board (M9400) to
    > 22-bit

BTW, it appears that that board (in some configurations) is also known as a

    > in the same way that an ECO exists to convert BDV11's to 22-bit? (On
    > the BDV11, there's a resistor pack with 4 unused pull-up/down pairs

So I located a set of prints for the TEV11 (which I must scan and get to Al,
they don't appear to be available online), and on the M9400 there are four
spare pull-up/down pairs, although not all in one package. They are:


I have verified that these are free (looked at a board, no traces to those
pins). (And yes, the 1 pin is usable - it's used in E27.) Not all in the same
package, so the ECO will be a bit messy, but it can be done.

Guess I should read out the ROMs, too (assuming they haven't already suffered
bit rot).


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