Some Transputer Bits available.

tony duell ard at
Thu Dec 4 23:55:50 CST 2014

>vThe Transputer card is 8 Bit ISA full size. It has the T414, a bunch of
> 74TTL glue logic, 16 SIMM sockets, four populated, a button and a small,

No C011 or C012 link adapter chip ? That's the IC to interface between a transputer
link and a normal 8 bit bus. [Amusingly the registers look fairly like a DEC DL11...]

> round 5-pin connector on the slot bracket. It is labeled "Monoputer 2
> v1.1 (C)Microway,Inc. 1988".

The original Microway  Monoputer was a fairly close clone of the Inmos
B004. This sounds similar, with more recent RAM (the original one was full
of DIP-packaged DRAMs). I find that 5 pin connector puzzling, though. Are there
no other headers or connectors on the board. A transputer link is normally a 
4 pin header (2 grounds, TxD, RxD) then there's the 3 wire Reset/Error/Analyse
control link. IIRC the original Monoputer had a large array of header pins on the 
bracket, the 4 transputer links for the T4, the control link for that and the 
single transputer link and control link from the PC interface. You normally
fitted a couple of jumper connectors to connect the T4 to the PC, but 
you didn't have to (you could connect another transputer to the PC 
interface and then hang the T4 off one if its links, for example).


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