Some Transputer Bits available.

Jochen Kunz jkunz at
Thu Dec 4 15:16:04 CST 2014


I went dumpster diving some time back. I saw an old "white box" 286
PeeCee with a MFM disk and a strange ISA card. I riped them out of the
box and took them home. I intended to reuse the MFM disk in my MicroVAX
2000. Then I noticed that the ISA card carries a IMST414 Transputer
chip. It looked to me like this PeeCee was the "head" of a bigger
Transputer system. (That I rescued out of that dumpster some years
back.) So I went back to that dumpster and pulled the other ISA cards
(disk, video, IO). I suspect that this ST-125 MFM disk contains some DOS
software to drive the ISA card with the Transputer. Plug all this stuff
into some generic old PeeCee and there you go...

The Transputer card is 8 Bit ISA full size. It has the T414, a bunch of
74TTL glue logic, 16 SIMM sockets, four populated, a button and a small,
round 5-pin connector on the slot bracket. It is labeled "Monoputer 2
v1.1 (C)Microway,Inc. 1988".

I am willing to ship this inside .eu for a reasonable "shipping and
handling fee". (Or in exchange to some SGI O2 RAM.) I don't wane make
money on this. I want this to go into good hands, ideally someone that
rescues and preserves any software from that MFM disk.


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