RUNOFF was Fwd: is there any word processing software for the pdp11?

Shoppa, Tim tshoppa at
Thu Dec 4 12:48:08 CST 2014

DEC sold WPS-8 which ran on PDP-8's, which was kinda WYSIWYG (rulers etc), but I don't know of anything quite up the WYSIWYG alley for the -11's.

Most common on an -11 was a basic text editor plus DECUS runoff (which most often just formatted for a line or dot matrix printer).

DECUS runoff for the PDP-11 (at least in late 70's was under the DECUS text processing SIG) is obviously a reimplementation of most common features of PDP-10-ish DSR . I don't know if DEC ever officially had DSR for the PDP-11. DSR = "Digital Standard Runoff".

DECUS runoff has a lot in common with DSR and the other "classic" runoffs but I've never done an actual entymology to see what is unique and what is common between them for a lineage.

I myself have re-implemented runoff in Perl a couple of times. It is completely trivial in Perl.


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