Can you ID / document this RS-232 to Current Loop converter?

drlegendre . drlegendre at
Wed Dec 3 21:25:27 CST 2014

Hey gents,

I tried the greenkeys list, but to no avail. So let's see who knows what
around here...

I recently acquired a pair of these RS-232 -to- CL converters. They are
branded "ED&M" or possibly "EDeM" - but they seem to have been made by an
outfit called Camiacs. They are marked Model V or Model 5. The circuit
boards are marked "CAM 25-116A" in one corner.

Photos can be seen here:

Does anyone have documents for these units? They have several sets of
internal jumpers, to configure various RS-232 parameters as well as passive
/ active states for the current loop side - Rx+ / Rx-  Tx+ / Tx- etc.

Any ideas? Any documents?

Thanks in advance!

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