Wanted: Twinax 5250 Style Terminal

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Wed Dec 3 17:44:40 CST 2014

On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 03:39:10PM -0700, Mike M wrote:

> Congratulations!

Thanks.  I'm excited about it.

> You will need a 5250 emulator, that is correct. There was a free one out
> there that was workable, but that is after you have TCP/IP set up if you
> do actually re-install.

For Linux I've been using tn5250 and/or tn5250j to connect to the AS/400
where I work and to PUB1.DE.  But for use as a console I don't think regular
5250 emulators will work.

> If you are installing a version of OS/400, the gotcha comes in that you
> need a serial number, and IBM will give it to you IF they have the exact
> same OS/400 version installed that is registered in their system.
> Otherwise, you have a 70 day trial.

Hopefully the serial number will be on my 270 when it arrives.  The
challenge is getting authorization keys.  I've heard that some older boxes
have authorization keys tied to them, and if one is lucky enough to find the
right person to talk to at IBM it's possible to get said keys transferred to
the new new owner.  After my first post about this endeavor a while back I
was contacted by another list member who said he might be able to help me
get the keys for my box once I have the serial number.  I know it's a long
shot and that I might have resort to restoring or reinstalling every 69

> Word of warnings and a few cautions (I don't know how familiar you are
> with these systems):

I'm not as familiar as I'd like to be with them, and that's part of what
inspired me to acquire one of these things.  I've worked as an operator in a
shop with an IBM mainframe and AS/400 for about 15 years.  Well, our latest
AS/400 isn't really an AS/400, but we still call it that, or simply "the
400."  With our current system operators don't do much with the 400.  We
mainly take care of the z/OS system.  But we're about to start converting
from our in-house written mainframe system, with many programs dating back
to the early '80s, to LTL/400.  

> 1. Those are NOT standard PC PCI slots. Any standard PCI card you stick
> in WILL release the magic smoke.

That's good to know.  I suspected that was the case.

> 2. Some cards are compatible with some models of machines. When I had my
> as/400's, one console card didn't work in the other, it's very
> frustrating. IBM has all the documentation online for what card part
> numbers are compatible with what machines.

The extra NIC I acquired was recommended by another list member after my
initial post mentioning this endeavor.  It's an IBM 2838-9406 Ethernet card.

> I really miss my big iron machines.

Sadly I'll eventually be missing the big iron machine I've worked so closely
with for many years when our big iron is replaced by more medium iron.

> AS/400's are really neat machines, but are also very frustrating at times.

This is true.


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