36bit still in use ?

Pontus pontus at update.uu.se
Wed Dec 3 14:49:13 CST 2014

Hi Roy

On 12/02/2014 07:42 PM, Roy Hirst wrote:
> I'm Roy Hirst, a hobbyist new to the list - today is my day 1 - and I 
> currently work for XKL LLC. I'd like to contribute where I can to this 
> and other conversations on cctalk.

Welcome to the list! Thanks for joining an shedding some light on the 
36-bit/TOAD questions.

> The TOAD-2 is looked back on here with affection, some of the original 
> architects and engineers are still around, and memory systems and 
> interfaces have been under continuous development and extension since 
> TOAD-2 days. I am not sure if you used to work here you would 
> recognize it now. Is still 36-bit,? Yes.

Perhaps you could elaborate on the compatibility between the TOAD 
versions and other PDP-10 processors. Also what operating systems do 
they run, both previous and current versions?

And, the question I suppose some of us have, where can I get one? (I 
know there was only a handful TOAD-1s, but what about the TOAD-2, and is 
there a TOAD-3?)


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