"There's no need to resurrect MC" (KL10 ITS)

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Tue Dec 2 09:06:45 CST 2014

Daniel Seagraves wrote:
> (Did MC become a model-B KL at some point?) so I might not have to deal with model-A vs. model-B differences. Or I can simply assume it was intended to run ITS on model B hardware and hack in support where required.

I'm 99.44% sure MC was born, and stayed a "model A"

ISTR someone looking at putting ITS support into the KL model B
microcode (I can't remember if it was Alan Bawden at MIT, or Stu
Grossman while at DEC).  They decided not to, but I can't speak to why.

The BIG difference between "A" and "B" is that the model B implements
Extended Addressing.  Section zero of an "Extended" KL should be
largely identical to a non-extended KL. Later on One Word Global byte
pointers were made to work in section zero.

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