"There's no need to resurrect MC" (KL10 ITS)

Daniel Seagraves dseagrav at lunar-tokyo.net
Tue Dec 2 05:21:40 CST 2014

“There’s no need to resurrect MC” says the klh10 source, but since when has that ever stopped me from doing something?

Is there some other reason I *can’t* resurrect KL10 ITS by adding the relevant missing parts to klh10? I think all I’d have to add is ITS paging in the KL version, the RH10, and simulation of the IO PDP11 and stuff that was attached to it. There’s references to model B hardware in UCODE; (Did MC become a model-B KL at some point?) so I might not have to deal with model-A vs. model-B differences. Or I can simply assume it was intended to run ITS on model B hardware and hack in support where required.

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