SMD replacement options?

Earl Baugh earl at
Tue Dec 2 00:27:39 CST 2014

An update on the SMD replacement options...

Contacted someone at MBI ( and they quoted $395 for drive...
(I had asked them about a "modern replacement" for the Fujitsu drive in my
Sun 1 drive assembly...
what they quoted me back was an actual replacement Fujitsu drive... not
sure if it's NOS or refurbished OS)

Then I clarified my question and said "what's the price for the SMD
emulator they had on their site...
what I got back was : "The cost of the SMD emulator starts at approx $8500
per spindle, depending on the system spec and controller"
(the other ones that I got a link to from a few folks on ebay start at

So, that's a dead end.   I can't believe someone hasn't built some sort of
adapter from <Modern-Something>-to-SMD that isn't ridiculously priced...

Earl the Squirrel

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