3M "WhisperPrinter" (Trendcom 100) docs?

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> > Nowdays, you can buy "thermal fax" paper at office supply stores and
> > it will work in the TI printers.  Unfortunately, it's 8.5" wide so you
> > would need to modify the roll for the Whisper Writer.  Maybe there is
> > a version of thermal cash register paper that will fit??
> I've not seen thermal fax paper in office supply shops over here for about
> years. Can you still find it in the UK (I've got a few HP thermal
> including the 9866 on top of my 9830, that use it).
> Over here there were 2 common widths. 210mm and I think 216mm The
> latter was the one used in most American printers, the former was much
> easier to find. I obtained an HP printer (2761 or some such) that was
> designed to use the wider paper. All I could find in the local shop was
> narrower stuff. It would use that provided the roll was in exactly the
> place, otherwise the head would go off the edge of the paper and snag on
> the paper as it came back. So I grabbed some brass rod, cut a couple of
> slices, drilled a centre hole and carefully faced them off to be just the
> thickness to put the roll where I needed it. Worked fine and I was happy
> unitl I went to another branch of the same office shop. They had the 216mm
> rolls.
> -tony

You can still get it, but its becoming rarer...



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