3M "WhisperPrinter" (Trendcom 100) docs?

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 14:24:12 CST 2014

> Nowdays, you can buy "thermal fax" paper at office supply stores and
> it will work in the TI printers.  Unfortunately, it's 8.5" wide so you
> would need to modify the roll for the Whisper Writer.  Maybe there is
> a version of thermal cash register paper that will fit??

I've not seen thermal fax paper in office supply shops over here for
about 10 years. Can you still find it in the UK (I've got a few HP thermal
printers, including the 9866 on top of my 9830, that use it).

Over here there were 2 common widths. 210mm and I think 216mm 
The latter was the one used in most American printers, the former was
much easier to find. I obtained an HP printer (2761 or some such) that
was designed to use the wider paper. All I could find in the local shop 
was the narrower stuff. It would use that provided the roll was in 
exactly the right place, otherwise the head would go off the edge
of the paper and snag on the paper as it came back. So I 
grabbed some brass rod, cut a couple of thin slices, drilled a 
centre hole and carefully faced them off to be just the right thickness
to put the roll where I needed it. Worked fine and I was happy -- unitl
I went to another branch of the same office shop. They had the 216mm 


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