IBM PC Connecting to DECNET

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Tue May 31 23:49:37 CDT 2022

On Tue, May 31, 2022 at 8:56 PM Bill Degnan via cctalk
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> Specific to IBMPC to DECNET networking...anyone worked in this
> environment?  Not me.  I don't have the D drive that fails or the
> network, but I am curious what I would need to make this work.  Maybe
> I can put something together.  Anyone using a Digital Ethernet
> Personal Computer Bus Adapter today?

No one ever called it a "Digital Ethernet Personal Computer Bus
Adapter", just a DEPCA. I never previously knew that there was any
meaning behind the DEPCA name.

I have a DEPCA in a 486 box that I got set up a while ago with some
version of DECnet DOS, or Pathworks, from here, I forget which version
without setting it up to take a look:

Over 30 years ago I worked on PC DECwindows for DOS for a couple of
years. There were Rational 286 and PharLap 386 DOS Extender versions.
The DECnet DOS development was in a different group in a different
building. The PC DECwindows for DOS server used DECnet DOS as a
network transport.

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