IBM PC Connecting to DECNET

Dennis Boone drb at
Tue May 31 23:48:58 CDT 2022

 > Specific to IBMPC to DECNET networking...anyone worked in this
 > environment?  Not me.  I don't have the D drive that fails or the
 > network, but I am curious what I would need to make this work.  Maybe
 > I can put something together.  Anyone using a Digital Ethernet
 > Personal Computer Bus Adapter today?

If the stack that's installed is DECnet/DOS, then there are a few docs
on bitsavers.  I'd guess that the command "C:\CJR" leads to the stuff
that loads the network stack and tries to set up the connections.

The stack may have drivers for other ethernet card types.

If it is some form of DECnet then it might be able to talk to, say, a
DECnet Phase IV stack on an emulated vax, making it fairly easy to set
up a test.

If it's not DECnet/DOS, sniffing the files in the C:\DEC file tree might
be informative.


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