DX/IAS software

Lee Gleason lee.gleason at comcast.net
Tue May 17 12:27:57 CDT 2022

   I have a tape from the late 70s that contains  DX/IAS, a package from 
DEC that allowed terminal emulation and file transfer to/from WPS on 
DECmates to IAS systems. Not too many IAS systems out there these days, 
but  the tape includes sources, so it should be easily adaptable to RSX 
systems, as well as giving some insight in general to the DX 
communications protocol. Anyone have a tape drive still running that 
could take a stab at reading this tape? It's not marked as to density, 
but it looks like one of those small 800 BPI tapes DEC used to deliver 
small packages on around that time.

Lee K. Gleason N5ZMR
Control-G Consultants
lee.gleason at comcast.net

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