DEC H7822 power supply

Christian Corti cc at
Thu May 12 03:40:17 CDT 2022

On Thu, 12 May 2022, Peter Coghlan wrote:
> about it?  Maybe it would be more accurate to use terms like steady voltage
> and alternating voltage? Alternating doesn't seem like that good a term

In German it's exactly like you suggest it. We say "Gleichspannung" (= 
constant/steady voltage) and "Wechselspannung" (=alternating voltage)

I also hate the English/American expression "inverter" for voltage 
converters, because really nothing is being inverted in any way.

But hey, they still have inches and feet and ounzes (be they fluid or 
solid) and gallons, so what can I expect? ;-))))


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