The TRS-80 Journey Continues

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Mon May 9 15:45:05 CDT 2022

On 5/9/22 14:39, Kelly Leavitt wrote:
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> On 5/9/22 13:410 Bill via cctalk wrote:
>> Just took some time to duplicate it.  Answered the "Cass?" prompt.
>> Entered 0 for the "Memory" prompt.  Got BASIC.  Typed PRINT MEM and
>> PRINT FRE(0).  Returned 48K.  Anybody have any idea where that is
>> coming from?
>> bill
> Please explain how you duplicated it? If you had a boot floppy in the 
> drive then is it possible that enough of the model III or 4 ROM image 
> loaded to allow for ROM basic to exist?

I "duplicated" getting the prompts that I don;t think should be there.
All I have to do is try to boot from a bad disk.  ie. Hit reset while
holding the "1" key with a non-bootable disk in drive 0:.

> This might help troubleshoot

I don't know that troubleshoot is the word to use.  It's not trouble.
It's just curious as I didn't even think it was possible.


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