Terminal Emulator

Mike Katz bitwiz at 12bitsbest.com
Thu Sep 30 13:57:02 CDT 2021

I am looking for a good terminal emulator.  Not for connecting to older 
computers serially but to connect with my embedded designs.
Do any of you have any recommendations.

I've been using Realterm for years but it's not very good.

I used UCON, hyper term, terra term, telix (going way back) and a few I 
can't remember the name of.

Here are my needs:

1.  Runs under Windows 10 (linux optionally)
2.  Has user selectable baud rates (I use 500K baud frequently)
3.  Can use any Windows Com Port.
4.  Can send files as raw binary
5.  Has X-modem built in (nice but optional)
6.  Has some kind of basic VT-100 support
7.  Can display both ascii characters and binary data has hex numbers, 
preferably on alternate lines (hex above the ascii character like this:
         45 76 65 72 79
          E    V   E   R   Y
8.  Can send short manually entered strings in hex or ascii.
9.  Can recognize protocols (based on start and/or end of text characters)
10. Costs less than $100
11.  Can Capture what comes in the port
12.  Has local echo (when connected to systems that don't echo what you 
13.  Has a large scroll back buffer.
14.  Has programmable macro buttons or function keys.
15.  Can handle removal and insertion of the TTL to Serial USB converter 
without crashing.

Thank you

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