Found my favorite DOS editor

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Thu Sep 30 00:22:48 CDT 2021

On Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 5:30 PM Fred Cisin via cctalk
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> "Baby Duck Syndrome": you bond to the first one.  Any time you are tempted
> to switch, everything that any other one does differently is "just all
> wrong".  If you are eventually compelled to switch, you will bond to a new
> one; and every other one "just does it all wrong".
> 'course, then there are the MAJOR religious battles.  Such as VI VS EMACS.

I started on 8-bitters.  On minis, I first encountered EDT (on VMS),
then Emacs (on UNIX, AmigaDOS, and even VMS), then years later when I
was working for Lucent/Bell Labs, vi...

I'm all kinds of messed up, but mostly I use vi(m) these days.  It's
not perfect (oh, buy, it's not perfect!) but I can have the same
experience going from platform to platform to platform.  That's worth


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