Found my favorite DOS editor

Gordon Henderson gordon+cctalk at
Wed Sep 29 04:37:11 CDT 2021

On Tue, 28 Sep 2021, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:

>> "I've been using vi for about two years, mostly because I can't figure out
>> how to exit it."
> :q
> you're welcome

No, no... you're doing it all wrong ... it's ZZ

See . :q is colon q enter, so 3 buttons. ZZ is jsut 2 buttons (shift 
doesn't count and z is close to shift anyway, so one hand)


And thus holy wars even exist inside the vi/vim vs emacs 'war' ...

I use vim daily - minimal features, barley more than what vi can do. I'm 
using alpine email, so mostly a nano-like editor here althogh sometimes I 
drop into vim to do some formatting, etc. which I find easier in vim. My 
own editor is nano-like (I have C and BCPL versions) but often feel that I 
want some vi style global commands, so one day it might morph into 
something like that.

And some 30 ish years back I was helping to "bring-up" a new unix-like 
system and they wanted emacs - I managed to port microEmacs to it at the 
time, but to do that I wanted a vi for myself, so ported "stvie" then used 
that to help with the port of µEmacs but that's as close as I got to 

Brand loyalty and all that...


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