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Tue Sep 28 17:41:43 CDT 2021

>>>> "I've been using vi for about two years, mostly because I can't 
>>>> figure out how to exit it."
>>> :q
>>> you're welcome
>> Or having to power cycle the machine to get out of EMACS.
On Tue, 28 Sep 2021, Mike Katz via cctalk wrote:
> To Exit EMACS:  Control-X Control-C😁

I once saw a car with a vanity plate: CTRL K D
(Wordstar for save and exit)

Can EMACS be expanded enough to emulate VI?
Can VI be expanded enough to emulate EMACS?

About 3 decades ago, there was some linguistic analysis of effects on 
writing style with some editors. 
There were some very simplistic conclusions, such as that small screen 
(number of characters/lines, NOT square footage) produced choppier 
writing, with more repetitions, due to not seeing both paragraphs at the 
same time.

It really should be studied in depth, including expanding the algorithms 
of Flesch-Kincaid, SMOG, Coleman-Liau, ARI, Linser Write Formula, 
phrase repetition analysis, etc.

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