Programming Bipolar PROMs

ben bfranchuk at
Mon Sep 27 22:38:01 CDT 2021

On 2021-09-27 9:23 a.m., Tom Hunter via cctalk wrote:
> While restoring and repairing a Data General Nova 2/10 I found a bad
> bipolar PROM on the CPU board. The PROM has open-collector outputs and is
> organized as 32 words by 8 bits. It appears that one of the open-collector
> driver transistors is faulty (but it could also be that a fuse has
> "healed").
> The part is an Intersil IM5600CP, but these were also made by others, for
> example Signetics and Philips made the 82S23 and TI and NTE made the faster
> SN74S188N. Some vendors still sell these parts and there are even a few on
> Ebay.
> How do I program these PROMs? I found one somewhat obscure description of
> the algorithm in the NTE datasheet, but I suspect that each manufacturer
> had (somewhat) different algorithms.
> Is there an affordable commercial programmer out there which can program
> these PROMs?
> Is there a simple design out there which I could breadboard for a one-off
> programming job (maybe using an Arduino to control the programming
> sequence)?
> Thanks and best regards
> Tom Hunter

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