Linux and the 'clssic' computing world

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Mon Sep 27 13:38:44 CDT 2021

> To my knowledge the Linux kernel was released to the public 30 years ago
> around this time. My dear friend swears by it and will never go back to
> Windows even though WIN 11 is much more secure than previous Windows
> versions. Prior to Linux there were other much-earlier operating systems
> for 8-bit and 16-bit machines we classic computer users could use. For
> emulators now we have a choice but do they work better in Linux or
> Windows?  Murray  🙂

Assembly version August 25th 1991. - comp.os.minix newsgroup.
C version  October 5th 1991 - Linux Bible 8th edition.

I started using Red Hat with version 6.2.  For a while the server I put it
on just sat there until I got around to making it a mail server.  I still
have the server but it was upgraded to BSD at some point.  I doubt I have a
backup anymore


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