An American perspective on the late great Sir Clive Sinclair, from Fast Company

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Sun Sep 26 20:44:34 CDT 2021

My girlfriend commented to me that Americans don't understand London"s
Fleet Street scene of the 70's and early 80s and how Sinclair products were
represented there.  In the US the "Timex Sinclair TS-1000" was a budget $99
computer for sale in Hallmark gift stores and its marketing represented
little of the fleet Street cache.



On Sun, Sep 26, 2021, 10:05 AM Liam Proven via cctalk <cctalk at>

> I found this interesting for perspective. The British media (and
> AFAICS of Australia, New Zealand and several bits of Europe) have been
> saturated with coverage of a much-loved, widely-celebrated and revered
> hero of tech.
> As FC points out, even the American _tech_ media barely noticed.
> «
> The prescient, quirky legacy of U.K. gadget inventor Clive Sinclair
> Little known in the U.S., Sinclair democratized computing with his
> dirt-cheap 1980s PCs. Even his many failures were decades ahead of
> their time.
> »
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