Seeking DEC BC19S (VS2000 color video/keyboard/mouse) cable

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Wed Sep 22 19:31:44 CDT 2021

I now have a 4-plane color graphics card for my VAXstation 2000, and I'd like to actually connect it to a display.

Does anyone have a DEC BC19S cable that needs a good home? For reference, this has a DA15F connector on one end that plugs into the VAXstation, which leads to a box that screws into the back or base of a display and has the RJ11 and Mini-DIN-7 jacks for keyboard and mouse, and then has three short BNC cables coming out of of it for color video.

I have the parts to make a breakout box if I have to but that'd be more of a pain than giving someone money and having a thing arrive in the mail. :)

 -- Chris

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