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Wed Sep 22 14:19:22 CDT 2021

> On Sep 22, 2021, at 14:05, devin davison via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Hello,
> The person that refered me to my present job  at a datacenter passed away
> this past monday. He was a hardware / software engineer for modcomp
> computers. He left me all of the computers and documents. there are too
> many books to keep, stuff concerning the modcomp computers that is not
> saved anywhere else that i can tell.
> I have picked up storage containers for all the books, and i can scan it
> all. after that, its all probally going in the recycle bin, as i dont know
> where or how i would keep such a large pile of paper manuals on hand.
> what is the prefered format to upload things to bitsavers in? is pdf
> acceptable?

If you go to there is a short contributor’s guide.  For B/W, CCITT Group 4 tiffs at 400dpi is what I do, but then I also generate a PDF from them for my own use, and put both on my Google drive and notify Al Kossow of an available contribution.

> How can i create a pdf that is not too big on file size? Can the text be
> recognized  and be made searchable within the scanned pdf?

Bitsavers will post process and create a searchable PDF

> any input would be appreciated, Thanks.
> --Devin D.

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