Chris Zach cz at
Mon Sep 20 10:05:52 CDT 2021

Oh *NEAT* I've heard about that, it was a Massbus device and I always 
wondered: Did it just go into the Massbus slots or does it have the big 
bulkhead and all connecting it to the 70?

And of course: Can it do 18 bit mode for a KS10? Any pics and such would 
be good.


On 9/20/2021 10:47 AM, Mark Kahrs via cctech wrote:
> I've been working on a newly donated PDP 11/70 at the LSSM.  I just
> discovered it has a ML11 --- an early Solid State Disk.  Does anyone know
> of any schematics, user guides, etc?
> Thanks!

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