Burnable, patched Microvax-2000 SCSI-boot EPROM images?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Tue Sep 21 07:30:24 CDT 2021

Jonathan Stone via cctalk wrote:

> I recently rescued two Microvax-2000s but both have dead RD53s.  Does anyone have a ROMable image of the Microvax 2000/Vaxstation 2000 boot-PROM patches from Wolfgang Moeller at http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/vms/pk2k/ ?   I'm looking to install NetBSD, not VMS and I don't have any VMS systems on which to run PATCH.   Microvax 2000 specs say it can sustain 3.3MB/s I/O, which has to be via the SCSI interface.  So a SCSI emulator should be significantly higher performance than an MFM drive (either 30+ year old drive, or emulator).
> Web-searching shows a Sean O'Banion has burned the PROMs successfully; I haven't yet found other names.
> If someone is willing to burn at least one set of EPROMs for me, I'd pay for the service (either ship EPROMS, or pay for them).
I've tried this almost 2 years before..and it worked "somewhat".
An VS2000 booted up in the first stage but the NetBSD Kernel couldn't
mount root since nothing in the loader expected a disk at the NCR SCSI
interface on the VS2000. Ragge agreed to look at this (bootcode) on my
VS2000, but I'vwe couldn't get an ssh connection from the internet to
an VS3100 M76 to which the VS2000 console was connected to..to work..

For yure I could burn the proms, but I think I'm on the other side of
the pond..


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