Burnable, patched Microvax-2000 SCSI-boot EPROM images?

Jonathan Stone kiwi_jonathan at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 14:02:19 CDT 2021

I recently rescued two Microvax-2000s but both have dead RD53s.  Does anyone have a ROMable image of the Microvax 2000/Vaxstation 2000 boot-PROM patches from Wolfgang Moeller at http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/vms/pk2k/ ?   I'm looking to install NetBSD, not VMS and I don't have any VMS systems on which to run PATCH.   Microvax 2000 specs say it can sustain 3.3MB/s I/O, which has to be via the SCSI interface.  So a SCSI emulator should be significantly higher performance than an MFM drive (either 30+ year old drive, or emulator).

Web-searching shows a Sean O'Banion has burned the PROMs successfully; I haven't yet found other names.
If someone is willing to burn at least one set of EPROMs for me, I'd pay for the service (either ship EPROMS, or pay for them).


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