R.I.P. Clive Sinclair (is: TV and computer in the US)

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Sat Sep 18 16:36:05 CDT 2021

On 9/18/2021 1:45 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Sep 2021, dwight via cctalk wrote:
>> Of course, Busicom was the first programed microprocessor driven 
>> calculator, it wasn't the first calculator using calculator ICs. That 
>> is what Busicom was trying to compete with, when going to Intel in 
>> the first place.
> I think that the Sinclair used TI calculator ICs.
> Unless he had a special "in" with TI, AND was fastest to market, then 
> it is doubtful that he could legitimately claim to be "FIRST".
I was really fascinated with the Sinclair TV when he brought it out.  It 
worked great and was a cool toy.

I don't recall for sure what computer showed up, but I'm not sure it was 
the ZX80, but it was a black thing with a touch
type keyboard.  I got it as soon as it was available.

At one point of course had to hook the computer to the TV and squint.  
To the  credit, the TV performed well enough
to see the screen, but of course wasn't really useful.

Both are lurking.  I hope the TV(s) show up in my move I have done 
recently as I unpack. There are 2 varieties of the
Panasonic 1" sets, and the Sinclair.  Also a 1" viewfinder wired to run 
off of some voltage with a generic RCA compatable


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