More cleaning out the Bob basement

Chris Zach cz at
Sat Sep 18 15:01:33 CDT 2021

Went over to chip away at the Bob basement, and this time Alex came with 
me. This is not a bad idea as if one of the piles shift and I get stuck 
it would be nice to have someone there to call 911. Anyway we cleared 
out a lot of the stuff in the tunnel to the Perqs including:

A Franklin computer, in box.
A TRS80 Model 3
An Apollo 3500 or so server box (heavy)
A Sun2 something
A sun 3/60 (I remember these!)
A Sparcserver 10,000 (heavy beyond belief)
Some sort of an IBM AS400 thing (also heavy)
An Apple II/e.
Few more hard drives
Weird scope like things

The good news is the way to the MicroVax and the Perqs are clear. The 
bad news is these are Perq2's which are bulky and there is still a 
pedestal mounted Sun 3/110 in the way.

Moral: Do not die with a lot of this stuff in your basement. We were far 
more able to move this stuff 30 years ago when we were young than today.

We may need more people. 2 hours of working that pile left us both 
trashed. Ian, want to come over sometime?


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