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John, I'd be interested the 8" drives. What kind are they?

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Given the hot real estate market, I've received an unsolicited 
offer to purchase my office building and I'd like to accept it.

This means disposing of a great deal of classic computer stuff in
the next 30 days.  I need to let go of what isn't sparking joy,
as they say these days.  At least I saved the pieces.  What will
best let me part with it is knowing that it went to someone who
also appreciates it.

I'm located in Jefferson, WI, halfway between Madison and Milwaukee.
I'd prefer in-person pickup over shipping, as I have a shortage of
time and adequate shipping boxes for heavy stuff.  

Sure, I'll take cash but I also realize I may need to be giving 
it away.  I'm debating how to do it.  Facebook Marketplace?
eBay pick-up only?  Just here on CCC?  A web site?  I'll work on 
a more detailed list and pics of what has to go and I'll figure out 
the best way to post.  Yes, it's unfortunate that I didn't take 
a van-load to VCF Midwest a few days ago.

Off the top of my head, a Microvax, a MicroPDP-11, an 11-23, 
a Vaxstation, a Kaypro, two CBM PETs, a Tandy M-100 or two, a 
Zilog development system, two PDQ-1, a Sage, some S-100 cards, 
piles of other cards for various systems, probably a pile of Amiga 
stuff (A500, A1000, A2000, A3000, Toasters, early developer docs), 
some C-64 or C-128 and software, some Apple II and clone stuff, 
Macs from classic on up, a great deal of 3D related software and 
manuals from 80s/90s for Amiga/PC/Mac/SGI, several SGIs, a Play Trinity 
video system, Palm handhelds and developer stuff, Compaq and HP 
handhelds, a Pertec 9-track, an ASR-33, bare 8-inch drives
and cabling, a number of tube monitors of sizes from large and 
SGI and Trinitron down to smaller terminals.  A serial terminal 
or two.  A few dot-matrix printers and lasers and ink-jets.  
A stack of Pentium Pro 200 chips, bags of other CPUs and older 
memory chips.

I have either the world's largest or second-largest collection of 
Terak computers, on the order of a dozen, and nine or ten need to go.

Plus other interconnecting stuff, BNC cable, serial and parallel, etc. 
Docs like a decade of SIGGRAPH proceedings, Inside Mac, years of 
MSDN CD sets (Intel/MIPS/AXP era), sets of late-80s early-90s 
computer magazines (inc. early BYTE and Kilobaud and Dr. Dobbs,
Amiga mags, video industry mags).  

A pile of early WISP outdoor WiFi era antennas (dishes, panels, 
directionals of various dB, N connector) and associated heavy coax. 

Plus a fair pile of more "contemporary" PC stuff from the last 20 years.
Misc cards, VLB, EISA, etc.  A bunch of PCs, plus IDE and SATA drives.
Many misc. consumer firewalls.

Some odd laser and optical stuff.  A number of older lab-quality 
microscopes like a projector scope, several desk microscopes, 
a black Leitz Ortholux, an articulated standing Zeiss surgical scope.  
A Leitz Focomat II photo enlarger and all the extras.
An AMRAY electron microscope.

And just to put fear in your heart, what doesn't go will go to you
will go to the electronics scrapper and the dumpster.

Send me an email...

- John

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