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Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Sat Sep 18 13:25:03 CDT 2021

On 9/18/2021 12:25 PM, John Foust via cctalk wrote:
> Given the hot real estate market, I've received an unsolicited
> offer to purchase my office building and I'd like to accept it.

Real life.

> This means disposing of a great deal of classic computer stuff in
> the next 30 days.  I need to let go of what isn't sparking joy,
> as they say these days.  At least I saved the pieces.  What will
> best let me part with it is knowing that it went to someone who
> also appreciates it.

Tough spot.  Even thinking about liquidating my stuff over the next 10 
*years* is daunting.

> I'm located in Jefferson, WI, halfway between Madison and Milwaukee.
> I'd prefer in-person pickup over shipping, as I have a shortage of
> time and adequate shipping boxes for heavy stuff.

Nearby, in Madison but, unfortunately, essentially out of room.  8(

> Sure, I'll take cash but I also realize I may need to be giving
> it away.  I'm debating how to do it.  Facebook Marketplace?
> eBay pick-up only?  Just here on CCC?  A web site?  I'll work on
> a more detailed list and pics of what has to go and I'll figure out
> the best way to post.  Yes, it's unfortunate that I didn't take
> a van-load to VCF Midwest a few days ago.
> Off the top of my head, a Microvax, a MicroPDP-11, an 11-23,
> a Vaxstation, a Kaypro, two CBM PETs, a Tandy M-100 or two, a
> Zilog development system, two PDQ-1, a Sage, some S-100 cards,
> piles of other cards for various systems, probably a pile of Amiga
> stuff (A500, A1000, A2000, A3000, Toasters, early developer docs),
> some C-64 or C-128 and software, some Apple II and clone stuff,
> Macs from classic on up, a great deal of 3D related software and
> manuals from 80s/90s for Amiga/PC/Mac/SGI, several SGIs, a Play Trinity
> video system, Palm handhelds and developer stuff, Compaq and HP
> handhelds, a Pertec 9-track, an ASR-33, bare 8-inch drives
> and cabling, a number of tube monitors of sizes from large and
> SGI and Trinitron down to smaller terminals.  A serial terminal
> or two.  A few dot-matrix printers and lasers and ink-jets.
> A stack of Pentium Pro 200 chips, bags of other CPUs and older
> memory chips.

I suggest listing the S100 stuff on the S100Computers Google Group. 
Would be happy to assist, given a list of stuff, in getting it posted there.

If you have any PDP-8 Omnibus cards, I'd be interested in learning what 
you have.

I'd also be interested in Q-Bus or UNIBUS SCSI, and Q-Bus RX01/RX02, 
RK05 (if such existed) and RL01/02 controllers.

If nobody else wanted the MicroPDP-11, I *might* take that as a spare 
unit to mine.

> I have either the world's largest or second-largest collection of
> Terak computers, on the order of a dozen, and nine or ten need to go.

Seriously tempting, but I'll have to stay away from the Teraks.  8(

> Plus other interconnecting stuff, BNC cable, serial and parallel, etc.
> Docs like a decade of SIGGRAPH proceedings, Inside Mac, years of
> MSDN CD sets (Intel/MIPS/AXP era), sets of late-80s early-90s
> computer magazines (inc. early BYTE and Kilobaud and Dr. Dobbs,
> Amiga mags, video industry mags).
> A pile of early WISP outdoor WiFi era antennas (dishes, panels,
> directionals of various dB, N connector) and associated heavy coax.
> Plus a fair pile of more "contemporary" PC stuff from the last 20 years.
> Misc cards, VLB, EISA, etc.  A bunch of PCs, plus IDE and SATA drives.
> Many misc. consumer firewalls.
> Some odd laser and optical stuff.  A number of older lab-quality
> microscopes like a projector scope, several desk microscopes,
> a black Leitz Ortholux, an articulated standing Zeiss surgical scope.
> A Leitz Focomat II photo enlarger and all the extras.
> An AMRAY electron microscope.
> And just to put fear in your heart, what doesn't go will go to you
> will go to the electronics scrapper and the dumpster.
> Send me an email...
> - John


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